Cosmic Pizza -Alien Cosmic Witch Art print -Lowbrow misfits White Stag Art

Cosmic Pizza -Alien Cosmic Witch Art print

White Stag Art

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 A lowbrow art print with a gothic cosmic witch alien girl with a slice of pizza, because why not.....
On a planet abundant in crystals and witchery these alien girls dwell. The cosmic pizza painting was birthed from being both hungry and painting a lot of pyramids.... incidentally giving birth to a sister painting as well, Cosmic cookie. I may or may not have ordered a pizza with a cookie that night.

This painting is printed beautifully with dye based inks on 60 lb quality archival art paper with a canvas texture. The texture is subtle but adds dimension to the artwork. Print comes signed and titled on the back.

8.5" x 11" print with white margin.

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