Book of secrets.

This little book of secrets is your guide to the cards.  Descriptions are merely a guide, feel free to develop your own method of reading and feel inspired to add to the meanings of the cards and interpret how you will.  You can utilize the page backs to scrawl you’re your personal insights to the deck and how you feel they portray your motivations and intentions.

If you are new to oracle reading, all you need do is focus on your question, dilemma, and draw one or two cards. Whether you do this completely blind or focus on the backs is up to you. Use your intuition to pulls the cards you feel speak the most. As you feel more comfortable you may find it easier to discover your own approach.  

1 -The witch is cunning, proactive, but cautious in new paths.

Intellect, skill, logic, perception, analytical

2 -The Mirror

The mirror represents reflections of oneself, choices, and habits.

Introspection, duality, self, awareness, reflecting, meditation

3 -The Birds

The birds whisper secrets.

Signs, messengers, omen, information, fears,

4 -The Lovers

The lovers cling to what was once had.

Loss, relationships, regret, appreciation, love, self

5 -The Potion

The Potion is a concoction of creativity and new ideas coming to fruition and translating to action.

Concoction, creation, personal growth, and new ideas

6 -The Moon

Someone not always as she seems, her delicate glow seeks for hidden truths while blinding others to her own.

confusion, apprehension, suspicion, feelings

7 -The Sun

The Sun is a beacon beaming with intense light and radiance and can sometimes singe herself and those close with her flame.

Positivity, success, radiance, abundance, vitality, freedom, focus, restaint

8 -The Star

The Star can shine brightest but quickly burn out in a period of renewal.

Renew, inspiration, serenity, hope, vulnerability

9 -The Spider

The spider traps those who wonder in her web.

Control, home, familiarity, comfort, trapped, security

10 -The Seer

The Seer peers into the crystal with self-awareness and is open to new possibilities and experiences.

Third eye, awareness, sensitivity, acknowledgment, unlocking, opening

11 -The Fool

The Fool can often be an enemy to herself. Though innocent and bright, judgment can be clouded with irrationality and impulsiveness.

Innocence, potential, creativity, dreamer, impractical, irrational, emotions, folly, vanity

12 -The Unicorn

The unicorn, a pure symbol, she represents healing and assurance of spirit.  She offers acceptance, understanding and compassion for self of others.

Healing, clarity, faith, purity, assurance, miracles, empathy, caring, insight, compassion

13 -Fortune

Fortune can visit in many ways, what may be lacking one day might find abundance in the next but, what is had could be squandered.

Destiny, fortune, abundance, luck, changes

14 -The Silent

The silent is told what to hear and say and is often suppressed. Sometimes the heeded words may not be punished, but, chains can be broken.

Hidden, silent, darkness, passage, blindness, insecurities, hope

15 Death

Death can be fickle and unrelenting, but not always a bad sign. He can represent new beginnings, and opportunities as well as end as doors open and close.

Transformation, new beginnings, cycle,

16 -The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is at a standstill.

Selfishness, upheaval, change, decisions, trials

17 -The Traveler

The Traveler transcends both time and space between realms, watching. She is a conduit for communications between self, earth, space, and time.

Mystery, communication, self, understanding

18 -The Observer

The observer watches the skies unlocking hidden messages, she is cautious, clever and aware.

Understanding, cautious, clever, patience, endurance

19 -The Gift

The Gift represents the things that are given and take. Karma?

Sacrifice, exchange, loyalty, partnerships, generosity, trust

20 -The Protector

The Protector offers strength and protection, she is grounded and dependable.

Stability, strength, protection, barriers, Power, dependable,