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 Lowbrow Gothic Artist White Stag  

      White Stag.(Also known as Terra Bidlespacher) Is a Lowbrow pop surreal artist with pieces in collections all over the world and designer of the art and products found here. 



Lowbrow Mystic misfits oracle art


    Stag. specializes primarily in acrylic paints and has a strong passion for black and white art. After a hand injury Stag. was unable to do any traditional ink work for a time. While occasionally dabbling in small inked pieces she has been working more digitally inking coloring pages and recently more refined pieces. 


Rabbit stew art by white stag

Stag.'s art blends elements of innocence with darker situations often humorous and creepy cute. With Gothic, horror, fantasy, occult, or whimsically quirky childish themes she creates an other-worldy dystopia filled with transient princesses, morbidly obese cats, living teddy bears, prolific zombie girls, young girls that clearly need adult supervision, cosmic witchery and strange beasts.


If I can't have you lowbrow art by white stag

Stag. deems herself a collector of stripey socks(preferably black and white) and tees with neat and or dark art. Her music is loud and often "angry" and she has found lots of inspiration since childhood from comics, anime and video games.  She is and avid Horror fan pretty much rejecting any other genre of movie and a collector of baubles, Asian style ball joint dolls, crystals, and other neat things. 


BJD collection Stag. will inevitably become a collector of cats... or other critters. She currently resides as a recluse in Pennsylvania with her Husband, Daughter and Cat.

mail image white stag art

To contact Stag. Direct: Terra@WhiteStagArt.com

white stag artist with squirrel