4 Card Personal Oracle Reading -physically mailed to you

White Stag Art

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Four oracle cards randomly drawn for you and physically mailed to you with their meaning. Meanings include words of power and a short sentence detailing the character of inspiration.

Oracle cards are meant to give you insight and guidance and can be a powerful introspective tool. My belief is each person and journey is unique and their own intuition is the best tool to for interpretation of their personal reading. The words and cards are an outlet for meditation and reflection.

There are 22 cards total you have a chance of getting from the Mystic Misfits Oracle deck.
The cards are printed by hand through means of screen printing with white ink on thick 140 lb. black card stock with kind of a Kraft speckle tone effect for a truly eclectic feel. Cards are Tarot card sized at 2.75" x 4.75" and will look great as stand alone mini prints of art.

You can also find the complete deck here at LowbrowMisfits.com

The concept of the cards are loosely inspired from various things like astrology, tarot and runes with artwork and descriptions by Stag.

☽ ★ I make these cards myself so if individual cards are running low, I can craft more. You are not getting overstock seconds, but a thoughtful draw from a deck. ★ ☾

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