Fertile Soils coffin art prints- 2nd series

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Fertile Soils a haunting macabre and beautiful art series from Stag. This is the 2nd installment of four paintings to the series. Coffin shaped paintings featuring creepy cute skeleton girls blooming from the earth with their hair rooted and entwined through the soil. This set of gothic lowbrow fantasy art prints express the mournful and renewal sides of nature.

✧・゚:* Soot- Erupting from the soil, she flowers and quickly burns away.

✧・゚:* Corruption- She blooms, toxicity from her veins spread to the soils. She spreads her corruption.

✧・゚:* Blight- Flowering from her head and blanketing the ground, mushrooms. They suck the life from everything around them. She is a Blight.

✧・゚:* Solitude- Hidden away from the world, she blooms in a cave like a gem, surrounded by crystals. Cold and lonely.

Art prints available together a a set or individually.
This creepy cute Gothic fantasy art painting is printed beautifully with vivid dye-based inks with crisp detail on 210 gsm archival museum quality 50% cotton textured paper. Print comes signed on the back.

8.5" x 11" prints